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        Energy Storage Batteries

        Storage battery refers to various emergency batteries, with various requirements for battery’s cycle life, working condition, environmental protection, and the good performance in high voltage, high capacity, long life, no pollution, the lithium battery are more and more used in relevant energy storage systems, including: home energy storage systems, military portable energy system, portable emergency communications power system, solar street lighting systems, communication power supply systems, monitoring station power systems, integrated energy storage systems, solar power systems, etc.

        • Military Portable Power
        • Solar, wind street light system
        • Solar power system
        • Home solar system
        • LEV
        • Monitoring stations working power system
        • Mobile communication base station system
        • Wind power system
        Widely used in :
        1. Power plants, substations
        2. Telecommunications, communications, mobile communication base stations
        3. Solar/wind power storage, UPS/EPS
        4. Nuclear power plants, hydroelectric plants
        5. Railway rolling stock, electric cars, electric yachts, electric boats
        6. Electric vehicles, forklifts
        7. Street and city lighting project
        8. Beacon lights, traffic lights, car starting, lighting
        9. Mine explosion traction
        10. Fire alarms, security systems, emergency lighting
        11. Portable power, portable electrical appliances
        12. DC power systems, AC to DC inverter system
        The Usage Introduction(Click image for viewing larger product photo)
        • Li-FePo4 115Ah 3.2V
        • Li-FePo4 12V 40AH
        • Li-FePo4 24V 35Ah Battery Pack
        • Li-FePo4 24V 40AH
        • Li-ion 14.V 35Ah
        • Li-polymer 24V 40Ah
        • Li-polymer 24V30Ah
        • Li-polymer 36V 60Ah