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        Internet of things(IOT) Project

        The traditional super capacitor is low in voltage, too small in the storage capacity, and too short in the tolerable pulse time. HPC series can achieve 4.1V in maximum voltage. In capacity and in discharging time, it is greatly improved against the traditional super capacitor. HPC series have perfect performance in low self-discharge rate (to the level of primary lithium battery), which is incomparable by the traditional super capacitor.

        HPC Series Li-ion batteries can deliver up to 20-year operating life with 5,000 full recharge cycles. These batteries can also store the high current pulses required for advanced two-way wireless communications, and have an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, with storage up to 90°C, under extreme environmental conditions.

        • ETC system
        • Share bike lock
        • Smart Parking
        • Animal tracking system
        • Smart-logistics GPS and tracking system
        • Smart water meter
        Widely used in :
        1. Urban Smart Parking System
        2. Share bike lock system
        3. Smart water meter
        4. Animal tracking system
        5. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system
        6. Smart logistics – GPS asset/container tracking system
        The Usage Introduction(Click image for viewing larger product photo)
        • HPC1520
        • HPC1520+ER18505
        • HPC1520+ER26500
        • HPC1530
        • HPC1530+ER26500
        • HPC1550
        • HPC1550+ER26500