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      About Ni-MH Batteries


      Compounded by hydrogen ions and metallic nickel, lighter than Ni-CD battery but 30% more power with longer life, environment protection, no pollution, no memory effect. Stable performance in charge and discharge, excellent performance in long term storing for low self-discharge batteries.
      Disadvantages: Price higher than Ni-CD battery, with some lower characteristics.

      Major Features

      -The batteries have outstanding feature of high discharge efficiency at low temperature, which has a excellent charge and discharge performance in temperature from 40℃ to 40℃, with over 20% discharge efficiency at -40℃.

      -The high temperature batteries have good performance in overcharge condition for long term, as the active material can work under high termperature

      -The high power batteries have outstanding performance in fast charge and long life.

      -The low self-discharge batteries have better performance in lower self-discharge, long term stroing, over-discharge, long life, etc, especially in capacity recovery when the voltage is below 0.8V. The capacity can reach 85% after 1 year’s storing under normal temperature, the ideal replacement product for primary battery.

      Ni-MH Type Batteries

      Ni-MH Cylindrical Batteries
      1、Consumer Type
      2、Standard Industrial Battery
      3、High Drain Type Battery
      4、High Temperature Battery
      5、Wide Temperature Battery
      6、Low self-discharge battery

      Ni-MH Prismatic Batteries

      Ni-MH 9V Batteries

      Ni-MH Button Cell Batteries


      Solar lighting, Cleaner, Power tools, Emergency lighting, Consumer type