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        Experienced worker and R&D engineer. Excellent battery performance. Safety products approved and global insurance

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        Quality Assurance

        Safety approved and Global insurance

        • Overview
        • Design
        • Control
        • Technology
        • Tracking
        • Automatic

        Quality Assurance Overview

        Solution - Battery Partner
        As a policy of Yinyoo, we want to be a partner but not only a battery supplier, we work close with our partners to discuss the application to find out the best battery solution, expert grade technical group provide professional back up service since your product design, we can specially design the battery to tailor customer’s requirement to maximum the using of the space and the energy.
        Yinyoo has been one of leading rechargeable battery manufacturer in China;
        Many Famous brand confident battery supplier choice;
        Experienced worker and R&D engineer
        Excellent performance
        Competitive price
        Safety approved and Global insurance

        Quality Assurance-Design

        • Positive electrode counterpart
        • Negtive electrode counterpart
        • Adequate Negative/Positive capacity ratio
          Positive Capacity→?? Battery Capacity
          Negative Capacity→ Safety and cycle life


        Process control

        Process control guarantees the product’s performance & safety.
        Cutter control, Each cutter has a series number, It is discard as useless once the using times reach a setting value.

        Production Technology Guarantees

        Production technology guarantees the product’s performance & safety

        Bar code tracking system

        Bar code tracking system make sure all the parameter of the process stored in the bar code.

        Real Time Process Control
        1. Tracking each batch production
        2. Tracking each Cell Capacity, Voltage,Ri,
        3. Early Warning

        Automatic Equipments

        In 2013, the factory purchased 120 automatic lamination machines and automatic liquid injection machines to improve the consistency and security performances of the battery.

        Consistent quality are ensured by increasing more automatic equipments and Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and strict control method applied in almost every process.